Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Band of Ninja

November 15, Toronto, Canada, the Cinematheque Ontario will host an English narrated screening of Nagisa Oshima's rare 1967 anime film Ninja Bugei-cho (Band of Ninja). 2:00 pm at the Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackson Hall, tickets are C$10.14 for the general public, and C$5.90 for students, seniors, and Cinematheque Ontario members.

"Band of Ninja is an adaptation of Sampei Shirato's 1957 manga about a young boy from a noble family who joins a peasant rebellion to avenge the death of his father. Rather than just using the manga as the basis for the film's plot, Oshima shot pictures of the actual manga pages, added camera pans to give an illusion of movement, and had actors read the dialogue and narration."

Band of Ninja is part of the Cinematheque's touring Oshima retrospective that will travel to various cities around the United States and Canda.

For more on this showing.

Go here for the other titles in, and more information about, the retrospective.

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